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Chief Keef, Fresh Off Court Victory, Shares Boastful ‘You Ain’t Bout That’

Chief Keef

Chief Keef just won a reprieve in the courtroom, and now he has revealed a super-confident song to fit the mood.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, a local judge ruled yesterday that the South Side rapper could stay free regardless of new claims he broke the rules of his juvenile probation by secretly moving to the suburb of Northbrook, Illinois. Prosecutors had wanted the artist behind SPIN Essential album Finally Rich put behind bars until a formal probation hearing, which has been set for January 28. The judge, however, noted a lack of “any credible evidence” Keef had actually picked up sticks.

Meanwhile, a new Keef song featuring a rapper named DKG has surfaced online. Titled “You Ain’t Bout That,” it’s squarely in Keef’s post-Waka Flocka party-rap comfort zone, consisting mostly of casual shouts about how someone else isn’t really about what they say in their songs, but, by contrast, these guys are. That’s set to vaguely threatening, trap-style electronic rumble. According to Nah Right, the track might appear on Keef’s upcoming Bang Pt. 2 mixtape, although then again it might not.