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Charli XCX Will Blow You Away in Gold Panda-Sampling ‘You (Ha Ha Ha)’ Video

Sample-tweaking cloud-rave beatmakers have a sense of humor, too. Charli XCX samples British electronic producer Gold Panda’s “You” on her latest single, “You (Ha Ha Ha),” which wonderfully emphasizes the pure-pop joy and street-cool swagger that lurks behind the hypnotic shadows on tracks by the likes of not only Panda, but also current Charli collaborator Clams Casino, along with many other ascendant producers (Holy Other!).

The video, as the SPIN’s Best New Artists alumna explains in a statement posted by Pitchfork, is inspired by “grindhouse movies, mostly with strong female leads like The Pom Pom Girls and Coffy.” The colorful exuberance of the clip is a welcome change from the Internet hall-of-mirrors approach of her recent visuals for mixtape cut “Cloud Aura.” And the song just might be enough to help you forget it’s still a really difficult time to enjoy videos glamorizing guns. As with past standouts “You’re the One,” “Stay Away,” and “Nuclear Seasons,” this one’s easy to get.