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Chad Valley’s ‘I Owe You This’ Video Looks Like M83, Sounds Like 1983

chad valley i owe you this twin shadow m83 bowling alley

Chad Valley’s “I Owe You This” featuring Twin Shadow sounds like it was stolen off of a forgotten ’80s teen movie soundtrack, and the music video paranormally enhances that vibe. The clip follows a handsome crew of teenagers as they break into a bowling alley after hours to engage in some hijinks: dancing, kissing, dog-piling, the usual. Things get weird when we discover the teens are probably the adolescent cousins of M83’s freaky Children of the Corn-esque video triology kids, all glowing orange eyes and windswept hair. Joining hands in a power circle, the gang harness their telekinetic powers to levitate bowling balls and pins around the alley. It’s like Project X meets The Craft meets that ridiculous dance scene from The Breakfast Club.