See Brian Eno’s ‘Day of Light,’ a ‘LUX’ Fan-Submitted Photo Collage

Brian Eno Day of Light Video Lux

Brian Eno is the René Magritte of the ambient music game. When he releases an album, it isn’t an album — it’s four 20-minute electronic soundscapes designed to score the very concept/act of your life passing through the possibly bogus human conceit that is time. (That was LUX, by the way.) And when dude drops a music video, it’s not a music video that the fans shall receive. Rather, it’s a collection of fan-submitted photographs slowly fading into and out of one another, chosen for some sort of synchronicity they shared with not only Eno’s music, but the hour of the day in which that music was heard. That’s “Day of Light,” streaming above, which takes its sounds from the aforementioned LUX. Shortly after the album’s November release, broadcast the thing in its entirety four times across the span of a single day. “The timing of four plays were selected to capture different lighting – from sunrise, day, sunset and night,” says a statement, and witnesses to the event were invited to send in their own photographs regarding the theme “play of light.” All told, Eno and his wizard’s apprentices received more than 6,000 submissions, a very minimal sampling of which is viewable via “Day of Light.”


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