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Hear Blood Orange’s Princely Cover of Kindness’ ‘Cyan’

Blood Orange Cyan Kindness

While the name Blood Orange may not yet ring a bell, there’s a very good chance that you’re already familiar with the work of Dev Hynes. Not only did the Texas-born, British-raised songwriter catch a little shine as the frontman of Test Icicles and via his spinoff project, Lightspeed Champion, he’s penned some fascinating pop songs of late, most notably with Solange Knowles and Sky Ferreira. But sometimes genius needs a break, and so for his next trick as Blood Orange, Hynes has recorded a cover of “Cyan” by pop-funk provacateur Kindness. For his take on the World, You Need a Change of Mind standout, Hynes keeps it minimal, goopy, and positively Princely. Via SoundCloud, he explains that friend Tracy Antonopoulos (from the band Cable) contributed backing vocals to the bedroom recording. The end result is a refreshingly intimate look at the musical mind of guy whose work is beginning to hit on a massive scale.