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Watch Ben Folds Five Crack Dick Jokes on ‘Conan’

ben folds five, conan

Ben Folds Five cracked some jokes on Conan last night (January 30) during a rendition of their foul-mouthed wink “Draw a Crowd,” from last year’s reunion album, The Sound of the Life of the Mind“Oh, if you’re feeling small / And you can’t draw a crowd / Draw dicks on the wall,” Folds sings while smirking at a piano. “I only wanted / To be Stevie Wonder / But I got to settle / For this vanilla thunder.”

The nerd-rock trio kept the punchlines coming for their web exclusive performance of “Erase Me,” the gentle bruiser that opens their most recent full-length. “Erase me / So you don’t have to face me / Put me in the ground and mow the daisies,” a newsie-cap-wearing Folds sings over trudging piano keys. “You’ve gone solo / Drawing mustaches on our wedding photo.”

Watch “Draw a Crowd” up above and scroll down for “Erase Me.”