Fearless Tastebud Killers: Bad Brains Brand ‘Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore’ Hot Sauce

bad brains, hot sauce

Legendary genre-bending D.C. punks Bad Brains recently resurfaced with Into the Future, a powerful new LP and their first record since 2007’s Build a Nation, but bassist Darryl Jenifer and guitarist Gary “Dr. Know” Miller are boasting about another project: their very own hot sauce. Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore Hot Sauce was cooked up by half of the hardcore four-piece, “born out of their longtime love of Caribbean-soul, yard style cooking,” according to an official statement. The small-batch, Scotch Bonnet pepper-based sauce is currently only available on the heavy-reggae icons’ website for $8.99. Collectors can also claim a $29.99 bottle autographed by Know and Jenifer, as well as a limited-edition $120 signed and numbered print featuring the Fire Burn logo, which was concocted with the help of graphic designer Shepard Fairey. 

“Dr. Know and I have returned to Hot Sauce Heaven with this roots, rock, rubba dub style hot sauce,” Jenifer said in a statement. “Fire Babylon is a perfect blend of ‘Secret 77’ recipe.” The band’s store goes further with the winking references, describing the product as “a punky reggae party” that will surely “start a mosh pit in your mouth,” before declaring “we don’t call it ‘hardcore’ for nothing” and “it’s guaranteed to Rock for Light!” At the very least, it’ll add some kick to those Salad Days.


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