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Azealia Banks Fires Back at Angel Haze: You Don’t Want ‘No Problems’

Azealia Banks Angel Haze No Problems Dis Response Twitter Beef

Update: Haze is prepping yet another dis track in response to Banks’.

Yesterday, we reported on the positively triflin’ Twitter beef that Angel Haze stirred up when she took personally a comment that Azealia Banks made about what constitutes a real New Yorker. Silly as the tiff was, it did result in one blazing-hot dis track: “On the Edge,” in which Haze took Banks to task for album delays and, her words, looking like a “ghetto fucking Easter Bunny.” While she claimed to have recorded the song in 20 minutes, Banks took her time to respond in kind, and has now shared her return volley against Haze: “No Problems.”

Over a wobbly Machinedrum beat, Banks goes in: “She like my new talk, my new style, my new walk, this new whore.” While Haze deserves credit for sheer ability, Banks out-cools her in spades. The aggro, gooped-up production (tagged as “witch-hop” on SoundCloud) runs circles around the 8-bit-inspired “On the Edge” beat. And while Haze took the time to laugh at her rival between verses, Banks growls out a simple threat: “No problems, no problems, y’all bitches don’t want no problems.” The song’s only explanation? “This Butch Bitch Got Blue Balls.”

It seems, however, that Haze does indeed want problems. She’s announced, via Twitter of course, her intention to respond with yet another dis track. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, revisit “On the Edge” below. The battle of Yung Rapunxel and Young Gypsy continues …

Angel Haze’s first dis track against Azealia Banks, “On the Edge”: