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Animal Collective and Gaspar Noe Team for Epileptic ‘Applesauce’ Video

animal collective applesauce

It’s time to add another European auteur to the Centipedia, SPIN’s list of Animal Collective’s unlikely influences. This time it’s controversial French filmmaker Gaspar Noé, the director behind the need-to-shower-after-watching Irreversible. Noé and Animal Collective teamed up for “Applesauce,” a track from the band’s 2012 disc Centipede Hz. While the song’s lyrics equate the journey of a fruit to the lifespan of a man, the premise of the video is much simpler: A woman eats a fruit while you’re coerced into a fit. It’s like the seizure-inducing opening credits to Enter the Void except the barrage of neon lights are replaced by a silhouette of a woman eating a peach. Or a mango, it’s hard to tell, but it does get all over her face. Noé’s video was inspired by Paul Sharits’ experimental film N:O:T:H:I:N:G, which you can watch here.