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Angel Haze Tells Azealia Banks to ‘Shut the Fuck Up’ in Second Dis Track

Angel Haze Azealia Banks Dis Track twitter beef

Update: Angel Haze has laid the beef to rest.

This beef is quickly becoming overdone. Yesterday, a goofy Twitter tiff between rising rappers Angel Haze and Azealia Banks resulted in a fairly fierce dis track by the former: “On the Edge,” which found Haze hollering hate at her #seapunk-inclined former friend for taking her sweet-ass time in releasing Broke With Expensive Taste. This morning, after taking her sweet-ass time to compose a stylishly superior response, Banks returned fire with “No Problems.” 

Neither one to loaf nor, it seems, to miss a headline opportunity, Haze immediately announced her plans to record yet another song, and within 30 minutes no less. She also said this:

Though she took longer than projected to deliver the third installment in this sordid affair, Haze has released her followup to Banks’ followup: “Shut the Fuck Up.” The quality is raw — as Haze notes via Twitter, “you get an unmastered diss…you aint worth my studio time” — but the verses are pure fire, and filled with references to the ongoing online drama.

Highlights: “You thought that the Twitter shit was just for the blog / thought you wouldn’t get your whole head cut the fuck off.” Or: “You a Internet goon, a Twitter personality.” And: “How much Twitter beef does it take to wanna make you get / into the studio and come with a different flow / not try to recreate ‘212’ the only shit you know.” Oof.

Your move, mermaid mama

Having, so far, had the last word, Haze later called off the feud in response to a fan’s query on Tumblr. Rather astutely, the anonymous follower asked, “why do 2 boss females need to get catty with one another?? what the fuck this industry is hard enough for women and now its like there’s an even greater divide. wish women would support each other instead of tearing each other down and letting the boys win ya know.”

Haze’s response was measured, although her assertion that Banks “started it” should raise eyebrows: “I think the same, but I don’t support frivolity or people coming out the side of their necks like they’re crazy. She started it, I entertained her…and I’m done. At the end of the day, I still want to see women win.” Here here.