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Angel Haze Admits She Was a ‘Bully’ in Azealia Banks Twitter Beef

Angel Haze Apology Bully Azealia Banks Beef Twitter

We were all recently exposed to what SPIN’s own Brandon Soderberg dubbed the “Worst Beef Ever.” After our cover star Azealia Banks made a seemingly innocuous comment about who is and isn’t allowed to claim New York, Breaking Out rapper Angel Haze — an NYC transplant with a song called “New York” — used the opportunity to fan the flames of online discontent. The end result was a raging and petty Twitter war that spawned not only three decent dis tracks, but an embarrassing dust-up with Perez Hilton that buried Banks under a mountain of outrage due to her use of homophobic language.

Simply put, the entire thing was a mess, and though the women have since left one another alone, the stink of the drama still clings to them. Which is why it’s both necessary and quite respectable that Haze has taken it upon herself to apologize. In the brief video above, she first gets a little misty when considering what the fans mean to her, and then makes good without an ounce of shade or qualification:

“I really do apologize for all of the stuff that has happened recently. Because I don’t like the fact that I was a bully in a certain way and I don’t like the way that I came off.” Her friend interrupts her — “Hold up, hold up. We came out fine.” — but she won’t hear it. “I came off as a bully. Thank you and I love you, and thank you for supporting me.”

A surprisingly classy twist in this pretty sordid affair. Of course, it’s also one more way in which Haze can stretch out the narrative and nab another headline (see above), but we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. In other news, Banks is in a good mood today: