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Watch Alice in Chains’ ‘Hollow,’ an All-Too Familiar Sci-Fi Thriller

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Seen MoonPrometheus, and Event Horizon but always wondered what a six-minute, mid-budget mashup of those three sci-fi thrillers would look like? With a score designed by the grunge forefathers who directly inspired Godsmack into existence? Well, Alice in Chains have got you covered with the official video for “Hollow,” the first single from their still untitled forthcoming 2013 album. Back in December, the Seattle O.G.s shared the song via a pretty rad lyric video compiling fan photography of the song’s dark and mysterious words (example: “Easy to feed off a weaker thing / Harder to say what I really mean.”) in various scenarios and scenes. But now you can watch a familiar space narrative unfold as William DuVall growls and Jerry Cantrell shreds mightily.

In the clip, a lone astronaut tends to his zero gravity garden, pokes at some strange fetal mooninite, and receives transmissions from his woman back home until, naturally, things go horribly awry. It’s not long before he’s yelling at an indifferent recording of wifey, growing a pulsating baby bump out the side of his neck, and attempting to burn down the very vehicle that’s keeping him afloat so many light-years away from home.