Watch Alexander Spit’s Grimy, Chilling ‘That’s Spit’ Video

Alexander Spit That's Spit Video A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside

Last month we introduced you to Los Angeles rapper Alexander Spit, a grainy-voiced upstart whose vibe is equal parts Bay Area pimp shit and Hunter S. Thompson swag. His video for “A Breathtaking Trip,” a SPIN premiere, found the young MC on a Fear and Loathing-style adventure with a nude Lana Del look-alike in tow. Despite being filmed in the harsh light of a desert day, the clip had a decidedly dark feel that reigns once again in the just-out short for “That’s Spit.”

In this one, also hailing from his January 29 Decon debut, A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside, Alexander dwells entirely in the shadows. He raps from atop a filthy mattress in a gnarly squatters’ hovel, later emerges from the trunk of a classic car in order to spark a J, and otherwise stalks a dingy brick alley while wearing a hoodie printed with the word “THIZZ” on the back. (That’s Oakland talk for ecstasy, if you didn’t know.) The chorus is simple, workmanlike, and definitive: “I spit, I spit, I innovate, and that’s it.”

Direction comes from the same crew who brought us those enthralling unofficial clips for the Weeknd and Frank Ocean in 2011 — L.A.-based music video pirates High5Collective.


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