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Aaliyah’s Old Vocals Meet New Music on Unreleased ‘Quit Hatin”


No Aaliyah-related music can come out anymore without going through somebody else’s filter. The result can be a divisive appropration, like Drake’s wassuping “Enough Said.” Or it might just be a faintly echoing tribute, like Katy B, Jessie Ware, and Geenius’ post-dubstep floor-filler “Aaliyah.” Aaliyah would’ve turned 34 earlier this week, and according to In Flex We Trust, the powers-that-be at the late singer’s estate marked the occasion by releasing a new Aaliyah song called “Quit Hatin’.”

Inevitably, it’s another Frankenstein monster, with Aaliyah’s smoky vocals wedded to contemporary trap’n’b snare-flicker. The Facebook page for Knotch, credited as a producer, says he graduated from high school in 2004 — three years after Aaliyah died in a plane crash. So the instrumental must be new, but not much else is clear about “Quit Hatin'”: While Punchbowl Blog says this has leaked before, an online search yields no traces, and details are just as sparse about any potential posthumous Aaliyah album.

For now, we’ll just enjoy Aaliyah telling a new beau she’ll have to warn her friends against ripping on him anymore. How much do you think Drake wishes this one could be about him?