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Watch YACHT’s Insane ADHD-Addled ‘Second Summer’ Animated Video

YACHT 'Second Summer' Video ADHD Triangles

The DFA disco destroyers in YACHT are celebrating 10 years as a band/utopian ideal on Saturday night at Los Angeles’ Echoplex, but for those who can’t make the trek, you can download their brand new song “Second Summer” and, better still, watch its highly surreal animation counterpart right now. The track expands on the “sinewy live instrumentation [and] chilly electro” of last year’s Shangri-La as Claire Evans sings of love’s fleeting nature in the face of life’s numerous obstacles. Or, in sum, “Can you stand by your man / As the shit hits the fan?” Visual duties go to Animation Domination High Def, who will apparently be helming an Adult Swim-like Saturday night animation block on FOX in 2013. The band explained the concept via Facebook: “this video, directed by our friends at ADHD, sees our longstanding totem, the Smiangle, metamorphose into a psychotropic landscape of extreme proportions…” Indeed, when the clip kicks off, an anthropomorphized triangle gives birth to another such creature, who begins pumping iron, hits the tanning bed, and eventually goes for a plane ride. And then things get weird.

Indeed. Download the track below via YACHT’s SoundCloud.