Hear Wild International’s Wild and Wooly ‘Lake Tones’ EP

Wild International Lake Tones EP Stream

Last month, SPIN had the pleasure of bringing you “Young Wayfarer,” a fist-pumpable pile of knotted guitars, whorling effects and rowdy chants from the New York threesome known as Wild International. As aptly demonstrated then, these young gents, each 19 or 20, display a threeway mastery of the electric, the electronic and, especially, the organic — the “wild” part of their name is no mere trifle. Publicly avowing their affections for Animal Collective and Akron/Family, they weave together all sounds visceral from the primordial to the pretty, unafraid to douse a comely melody with a bucket of static, or to incorporate the sounds of nocturnal nature into a song that thumps and thuds with digitized aplomb. Now we have the entire Lake Tones EP (out tomorrow, December 18) to explore, a Wild International self-release that finds Ryan Camenzuli, Greg Coffey and Bryan Daly truly showing their mettle amidst six ever-shifting songs. Dig the aforementioned rumblings of the opener “Waterflows,” whose backbeat sounds like something cribbed from an aboriginal rave. Or the bipolar “Emos Teg,” which vacillates between batshit thrash and lolling harmonies. Or “Dreams” with its tribal rhythm and exuberant war whoops. Toss on your poncho, leave your pants at home, and frolic through the forest with these freewheeling dudes.



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