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Watch the Flaming Lips’ ‘Freak Night’ Concert Movie While the World Ends

flaming lips freak night concert stream

The Flaming Lips concert movie that promises “Party! Death! Love!” in its five-minute NSFW trailer will make its world debut tonight at midnight, as long as there’s a world left to watch it.

“We are expecting that the world is not going to end in a fiery, volcanic, apocalyptic demise,” Lips frontman Wayne Coyne predicts in a reliably freaky-deeky video posted to the band’s Ustream page. “And if it does, we won’t watch it.” The “it” being Freak Night, the footage-turned-feature film taken at the free-to-the-public costume party/Lips concert at Oklahoma City’s Zoo Amphitheatre on October 26.

Besides a bare-breasted woman in a bubble, Coyne says you can expect to see “the Flaming Lips playing a lot of cool songs, the magnificent Flaming Lips followers known as the Love Pit, um, a lot of people getting tattoos, the Deep Storage Project where you give a little bit of blood and hair to this thing that is buried somewhere in the ocean… Oh yeah, it features that horrible wound on my leg…. There’s laser beams shooting out of my hands, a space cape that covers the whole entire front of the audience.”

Freak Night will play in a loop for free at (and maybe in the embed above) for 24 hours beginning at 9 p.m. PST on Friday, December 21. Technically, that’s midnight/Saturday, December 22 on the East Coast, so plan accordingly. Details about the film’s commercial release are a little less clear: According to Coyne, Freak Night will be “available” (presumably to own) on “Wednesday-Tuesday” (December 26-27).