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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Transform Sky Ferreira Song Into Krautrock Epic

Sky Ferreira Everything Is Embarrassing Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix

With the Knife once again lurking, young beat-damaged popstresses like Sky Ferreira would be wise to step up their game. Luckily, the Los Angeles-born singer is ahead of the pack. Her Ghost EP track “Everything Is Embarrassing” was already an enticingly strange standout — “a sharply crafted piano-pop torch song [dropped] into a moody frame” — thanks to a production assist from Solange Knowles collaborator Blood Orange. Now, our recent In the Studio pals Unknown Mortal Orchestra reinvent Sky’s sound even further, actually calming the synth-damaged weirdness with a Krautrock-worthy rhythm section and hazy hits of gossamer guitar. While most remixes pile on, this one pulls back, then adds some time to the original so that it can stretch out over a satisfying seven-minute span.