Queens of the Stone Age Reveal ‘Secrets of the Sound’ in New Album Mockumentary

Queens of the Stone Age New Album Mockumentary Secrets of the Sound QOTSA

Every new fact we uncover about the forthcoming Queens of the Stone Age album brings with it a new set of questions, so we’re thankful for “Secret of the Sound,” a brand new documentary which seeks to demystify the desert rockers’ sixth long-player. Well, sort of. Liam Lynch directs the nine-minute short while funnymen Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) and Matt Berry (The Mighty Boosh) host, so there aren’t too many reveals unless you count the part where Josh Homme cops to heading up the Encino chapter of the Patrick Swayze fan club.

Belly laughs abound, however, as our mockumentarians explore QOTSA’s recording space (Berry: “You might say it’s a guitarded amount of guitars.”) and mostly fail at their attempts to interview the band. Bassist Michael Shuman mans two computers, an iPad, and a cell phone while Agee questions him. Keyboardist Dean Fertita Febrezes the guy. Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen is too busy grooming himself to care. And Homme is awesomely awkward and frequently upstaged by a small dog wearing a tux collar dragging his ass across the carpet.

So what do we actually know about the record at this point? Well: it’s due the first half of 2013; will feature guest appearances from Trent Reznor and Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears, plus Songs for the Deaf-era QOTSA players Dave Grohl and Nick Oliveri; and has so far been alternately described as “ridiculous,” like “running in a dream,” and as somehow resembling a “codeine cabaret.” All of which seems highly promising. The on-album ramifications of Homme’s assertion that Swayze is a “prancin’, dancin’ pony” have yet to be revealed.

Also, sweet denim, bros.


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