Odd Future in Legal Ping-Pong Match With ‘Human Ping Pong Ball’ Accuser

Odd Future

Odd Future have courted controversy from well-meaning progressives and rap-hating right-wingers alike, but their current legal entanglement is unlikely to result in a 2 Live Crew-style Supreme Court case. Other facts of the case are in dispute.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, TMZ reported that 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi was planning to sue the hip-hop collective over claims they collectively attacked him at a San Antonio show on December 7. TMZ posted a video, below, that is difficult to make out but shows someone coming onstage and then a scuffle breaking out, ending with furious comments from the performers. TMZ’s sources say Rasagi “became a human ping pong ball,” sustained cuts on his head, scratches and burns on his body, and underwent two seizures. The post is accompanied by a pair of photos that show wounds on a shirtless Rasagi’s arm and leg.

As Pitchfork reports, Odd Future’s reps point to what they say are screen shots from Rasagi’s Twitter feed. In one, another user says the owner of the Twitter account @DJBAMBAM_ “swung first”; @DJBAMBAM_ didn’t deny swinging first and in fact RT’d the tweet to his followers. In other tweets, @DJBAMBAM_ bragged about the check he would be getting. Elsewhere, he said he would be launching his own clothing line. Another tweet said the person and his lawyer were about to give a statement to TMZ.

Unfortunately, Odd Future have faced other accusations of onstage misbehavior. Photographer Amy Harris reportedly pressed charges against the group’s Vyron “Left Brain” Turner for allegedly slapping her in the face at last year’s Voodoo Festival in New Orleans. And according to TMZ, Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator paid about $8,000 to cover the damage after being arrested on suspicion of vandalism at Hollywood nightclub the Roxy about a year ago.

In this case, @DJBamBam_ has credited Tyler for kind words after the alleged beatdown. He tweeted, “I do give big thanks to @fucktyler for coming backstage, shaking my hand and apologizing.”

Still, as another message retweeted by @DJBamBam_ says of the video depicting the incident in question, “all i see is them singing or whatever on stage and then everyoneones yelling.” Could be one for Chief Justice John Roberts after all.



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