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Hear Mystikal Become Crunk James Brown for Amazing ‘Hit Me’ Track

mystikal hit me james brown

New Orleans scream-cee and former No Limit barker Mystikal has had a rocky ride since he was released from jail nearly three years ago. After signing with his former rivals at Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records, he released the promising (if negligent) Weezy and Birdman team-up “Original,” only to head back to lockup for three months after an unfortunate domestic abuse incident. Now, he rises back to the top of his game with the amazing James Brown tribute, “Hit Me,” in which the man born Michael Lawrence Tyler reinvents himself as an old school band leader transported to modern times. Over funky drum rolls, bass lines, and horn hits, Mystikal alternates between endlessly quotable toasting and Busta Rhymes-fast rapping, resulting in gloriously percussive boasts like, “I’m the nigga with the stick in this bitch,” and weird stream-of-consciousness moments like that part where he sorta rhymes, “Madonna designers iguanas Rihanna vaginas piranha!” Best of all are his tongue-in-cheek white people impressions. It’s like a Dave Chappelle moment you can dance to. If this is what Mystikal’s upcoming Cash Money LP is going to sound like, sign us up.