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Watch Metallica’s James Hetfield Command the Crowd During ‘Master of Puppets’

metallica, quebec magnetic

Metallica have already previewed “The Day That Never Comes” from their upcoming Quebec Magnetic concert DVD, and now the heavy metal legends have unleashed this fist-pumping live version of “Master of Puppets,” the title track from their much-loved 1986 masterpiece. Frontman James Hetfield leads the foursome through the brutal but limber eight-minute opus, smiling for a good portion of the performance (a bit odd for a song about debilitating drug addiction, but whatever). Amid the choppy footage, the singer repeatedly calls on the Quebec City crowd to chant the iconic chorus, and the good fans obey their master. Guitarist Kirk Hammet slows things down with an exquisite solo just before the band surrounds drummer Lars Ulrich to indulge in more fancy fret work. Ever the showman, Hetfield caps it all off with a “Mwahaha” into the mic. Quebec Magnetic is due on December 10 and will be the first release on the freshly independent band’s own label, Blackened Recordings.