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‘Lazy Sunday 2’ Slips Into Hulu’s Most-Watched ‘SNL’ List

lazy sunday 2, saturday night live

Saturday Night Live had a rocky 2012. Aside from losing MVP Kristen Wiig and Digital Short auteur Andy Samberg at the end of season 37, the stage at Studio 8H saw some less-than-stellar turns from SNL‘s musical guests. Sure, Frank Ocean brought John Mayer along for a rock-focused rendition of “Pyramids” and Bruno Mars took a break from impersonating Michael Jackson to mimic Sting for “Locked Out of Heaven,” but viewers also had to suffer through Karmin’s “I Told You So” and another Maroon 5 performance. One fan-approved rehash, though, was Samberg’s own “Lazy Sunday 2,” the sequel to his and Chris Parnell’s 2005 hip-hop ode to cupcakes and the Chronicles of Narnia.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Lazy Sunday 2” is one of the year’s five most popular SNL clips on Hulu — an unsurprising victory since, as SPIN’s Marc Hogan noted back in May, the original “Sunday” pretty much “paved the way for online videos to ‘go viral’ in the first place.” It also helps that this 2012 update serves up many of the same sorts of references that helped make Samberg a star. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe have been traded in for Sister Act: The Musical on Broadway; Rachel McAdams has swapped one amnesia-addled romance for another (Channing Tatum in The Vow replacing Ryan Gosling in The Notebook); and rather than waiting on line outside Magnolia Bakery, Sams and Parns grab mimosas and eggs Benedict for a mid-afternoon brunch (“The plating is cray / I detect sage butter”). Weirdly, the lackadaisical duo offset the timely dubstep name-drop with a reference to Jay-Z’s 2003 track “99 Problems,” but, then again, they aren’t the only ones who have re-worked that Black Album burner recently.

Among the other most popular clips on Hulu: Cecily Strong’s pitch-perfect “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party,” Seth McFarlane’s warped “Puppet Class,” the clueless “Undecided Voter” parody PSA, and the childhood memory-ravaging “Disney Housewives.” As of writing, Hulu’s “Saturday Night Live: Best of 2012” page includes Sofia Vergara’s April opening monologue, Big Bird’s response to being dragged into the presidential debates, and Samberg’s 100th SNL Digital Short.

For a peek at the Way We Lived Then, watch the original “Lazy Sunday” below.