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Katy B’s Free ‘Danger’ EP Mixes ‘Aaliyah’ R&B With Modern Beats

Katy B Danger EP Download Got Paid Video

She may not be the most famous Katy in music, but her approach to reinventing ’90s-style R&B is about as impressively colorful as Miss Perry’s fashion sense. London’s Katy B, who first rose to prominence as a post-dubstep popist (see SPIN’s fourth Best Pop Album of 2011), has shared the new free Danger EP via her official site, and while these four songs are undoubtedly powered by a range of high-tech soundwork, her vocals are clearly influences by the panoply of soulsters that are so, ahem, en vogue these days.

If there’s any question about that, look no further than her opening collaboration with the similarly aligned Jessie Ware, which happens to be named “Aaliyah.” From there, English toaster Wiley drops by to bless the Beyoncé-channeling “Got Paid,” Iggy Azalea and Diplo lend a hand on the stuttering “Light as a Feather,” and Katy goes it alone over the baroque crystalline beats of “Danger.” The EP’s closer reveals B’s uniquely playful approach to lyricism: “Yeah, you passed my love to the left-hand side, smoked it right down to the roach, so I might as well put it out.”

Stream the entire thing below, and watch the frenetically fun video for “Got Paid” above. Also, say something nice about it and Katy B might retweet ya!

Katy B, Danger EP track list:
1. “Aaliyah” ft. Geeneus, Jessie Ware
2. “Got Paid” ft. Zinc, Wiley
3. “Light As A Feather” ft. Diplo, Iggy Azalea
4. “Danger” ft. Jacques Greene