Grizzly Bear Return to Late-Night TV ‘Yet Again’ for Dulcet ‘Shields’ Standout

Grizzly Bear's Edward Droste on 'Letterman'

Grizzly Bear have already brought the ornate, harmony-laden chamber-pop of new album Shields to The Colbert Report, where they chatted in a lifeboat, and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, where they met NFL Hall of Fall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. Last night, while the charity-rock hullabaloo was going on over at New York’s Madison Square Garden, the Brooklyn band visited Late Show With David Letterman. Looking casually stylish as usual, they performed “Yet Again,” the second song to surface from Shields this summer, when SPIN’s David Marchese called it “as forcefully lovely as anything the guys have done.” That loveliness is out in full force in the Letterman clip. “Speak, don’t confide,” they harmonize. And wear a big flannel.



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