Fucked Up ‘Step Up’ for Choreography-Intense ‘Inside a Frame’ Video

fucked up, inside a frame video choreography dance

A year ago at this time, we were curling up by the fire to watch Toronto hardcore revisionists Fucked Up thrash their way through “Jingle Bells.” Oh, and we were putting them on our cover to celebrate the fact that they made the Best Album of 2011 with David Comes to Life. We are therefor pleased and not the least bit surprised to discover that David still has some life left in him, as demonstrated by the just-released music video for late-album track “Inside a Frame.” At this point in the concept record’s intensely meta storyline, the narrator/villain accepts that he, too, is a pawn in the bigger picture, singing, “Trapped inside a frame not of my design / Simply follow the story and remember the lines / I had no choice, this is how I was cast.” Similarly, in this Kyle Davison-directed clip, the lead dancer in a choreography troupe struggles with her role, unable to overcome a muddled inner monologue that thwarts her at every turn. Watching a Step Up-style crew bounce, slide, and step to Fucked Up’s unrelenting grind is a juxtaposition to be sure, but the band’s guiding humanism makes their music surprisingly relatable to any situation involving struggle and passion.


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