Watch El Perro Del Mar’s Bewitching ‘Hold Off the Dawn’ Video

el perro del mar hold off the dawn video pale fire

If you haven’t yet heard El Perro Del Mar’s “Walk On By,” the Sade-channelling single from the Swedish singer’s new album, Pale Fire, perhaps the above video for deeper cut “Hold Off the Dawn” will convince you to venture further. Filmed at a Stockholm studio, the blue-lit live session captures the projects yin and yang quite well: disco-kissed dance rhythms versus Sarah Assbring’s melancholic vocal mood. While she’s always sounded similar to Lykke Li, the El Perro singer has a more subtle approach, ever the calming counterpoint to her homegirl’s manic intensity. Here, she’s as cool as a cucumber, riding the driving drumbeat as she puts it plain to an out-of-scene lover: “Ain’t no need to talk about the future, babe, we don’t need to talk like that … Let’s stay awake to hold off the dawn.” Sunlight is overrated anyhow. And here, for your bonus viewing pleasure, is the video for “Walk On By,” whose production work also recalls that other Gothenburg band, Ace of Base. 


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