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Watch Captain Murphy and Earl Sweatshirt Keep it ‘Between Friends’ at L.A. Gig

Earl Sweatshirt Captain Murphy Flying Lotus Between Friends Live

Last week, after much speculation as to his true identity, the cartoon rap villain known as Captain Murphy unmasked himself at a Los Angeles show, and SPIN was there to write about it. It was Flying Lotus, of course (more like Lying Lotus, amirite?), and the public unveiling came with an onstage collab with none other than Odd Future’s once-elusive Earl Sweatshirt. The Captain and the rhyming garment reprised their Adult Swim single “Between Friends,” the first song we ever heard from Murph, whose deep voice and association with OFWGKTA caused many to suspect he was just another alias belonging to Tyler, the Creator. That track also appears on the Captain’s free Duality Deluxe mixtape, which includes boom-bappy banger “The Prisoner,” seen below in the clip where Lotus removes his cape, cowl, and ski mask to reveal himself to the crowd. As Jeff Weiss originally reported: A smiling Sweatshirt bounded on stage to help perform “Between Friends,” to make things further frenzied. Then at the moment that the energy level stared to lag, Murphy removed the hoodie to reveal that he had been Flying Lotus all along. Before he disappeared into the crowd, he instructed them with a smirk: Tell no one.