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Dave Grohl Won’t Tour With QOTSA, Kissed Kid Rock’s Mom

dave grohl, chelsea lately

Dave Grohl has shed a bit more light on his head-spinning assortment of current projects.

The Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer’s directorial debut, the documentary Sound City, will come out on February 1, he has announced. Pre-orders are available now for $10 via Sound City‘s website. The video download is free of digital rights management technologies that limit how you can use content after buying it. The movie will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, which runs January 17 through 27 in Park City, Utah.

Meanwhile! It’s true Dave Grohl plays drums on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, he reiterated in an interview with CBS Local. Buried at the end of the article, though, is the revelation that Grohl says he won’t tour with the band. That’s not a total surprise, considering Grohl skipped the European leg of QOTSA’s tour after drumming on 2002’s classic Songs for the Deaf, but that time he joined the band for a three-week club tour, plus sets at Coachella and Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival, as Billboard reported at the time.

At the same time, a reunion of Them Crooked Vultures, Grohl’s band with QOTSA’s Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, isn’t out of the question. Grohl told CBS Local that “someday we’ll get back together and do stuff, because we love playing with each other.”

Playing with Jones, whose main band Grohl helped honor at the recent Kennedy Center Honors awards show, seems to have meant a lot to Grohl. “It was one of the highlights of my life when John Paul Jones said, ‘Now I’ve been in two great bands,'” he reportedly humblebragged, and who wouldn’t. “That was a huge deal for me!”

Grohl, who will also be playing next week at a star-studded concert for Hurricane Sandy relief, has extended his multimedia dominance to TV. Last night he guest-hosted E!’s late-night show Chelsea Lately. He goofed on the unlikely match in his opening monologue, saying, “Until this morning I thought Kardashians was just the name of an Armenian deli in Glendale.” Maybe Grohl is testing out punch lines for his upcoming keynote address at South By Southwest 2013?

Grohl being Grohl, the show had plenty of musical content. Spoilers ahead, we guess, but the opening alone included a Jonas Brothers joke, Grohl rocking out on guitar while singing about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, and Grohl banging on the drums in between musing aloud about Jessica Simpson. Grohl also led a panel through day-after analysis of the Grammy nominations, focusing, relevantly to Grohl’s interests, on Bieber not being nominated. Brace yourself for cringeworthy commentary about Bieber using Auto-Tune; criticize the guy all you want, but don’t forget he first came to fame for singing and playing guitar on YouTube.

Maybe most entertainingly, Grohl interviewed actor Ray Romano, who talked about meeting Kid Rock at the after party for this past weekend’s Kennedy Center Honors awards show (like Grohl, Romano and Kid Rock performed there). Says Romano, “Unsolicited, he just showed me…his iPhone, and it was a picture of the night before, of you [Grohl], making out with Kid Rock’s mother.”

Grohl’s explanation, complete with mom-voice and kissy face: “She wanted to make her husband jealous, I think, and said, ‘Dave, will you take a picture kissing me?’ And I said, ‘Sure!’ And so I leaned in with this innocent, like, mmm, and before I knew it I was in her grips, just like, rar rar rar!” Here’s to you, Mrs. Kid Rock’s Mom.