Dan Deacon Makes Joyous National TV Debut with Fan-Assisted ‘Thrush’ on ‘Kimmel’

dan deacon, jimmy kimmel

Anyone who knows Dan Deacon ought to know he’s no stranger to television. A required rite of passage to Deacon-mania should be sitting down and watching his wonderful, hilarious, insane 2005 appearance on a local Savannah, Georgia, NBC affiliate. Still, last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! marked the spazzed-out electronic virtuoso’s first appearance on national TV, and he made the most of it, in classic Deacon style. Known for his exceptionally participatory, communal live shows, Deacon asked fans to help out in this tremendously energetic take on new album America‘s massive-minimalist party-starter “True Thrush” through the use of his phone app. He’s joined by a costumed band. The audience jumps up and down and holds app-flashing phones in the air. Deacon’s America is a place you want to visit. Hell, by the time the last chipmunk-pitched schoolyard chants and hypercolor synth squiggles subside, you might even want to put a down payment on a house there.


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