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Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel Shares Autumnal ‘Black & White’ Synth Mix

Chromatics Johnny Jewel Mixtape Black White

Nothing says “welcome to the fall” like a fat stack of awesomely gooped, synthsizer-swole, mellow dance jams assembled by a bona fide expert thereof. At least, that’s what Chromatics and Glass Candy main brain Johnny Jewel appears to be going for with his new free-to-download 45-minute set, Black & White: A Mix for Autumn. Indeed, if chillwave is the sound of summer (well, circa 2009), then these cooler feeling songs are the next logical step as the year progresses toward winter. Better still, they span an impressive range of time, with tracks from Kraftwerk, Nico, and film composer Bill Conti blending kindly with works from Blonde Redhead, Xeno & Oaklander, and ’90s 4AD act His Name Is Alive. As Jewel explained on the SoundCloud page for the mix, “It’s the end of Autumn, & all of the Reds, Greens, & Yellows have disintegrated into Black & White. Everything is buried by the snow…Perfect weather for locking yourself in the studio with a synthesizer & your favorite records…I put together a collage of songs that, for one reason or another…always remind me of Autumn. Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue.” 

Johnny Jewel, Black & White: A Mix for Autumn track list:
1. “Lamuka (Johnny Jewel Edit)” – Zazou Bikaye Cy1
2. “The Fading Faces” – Symmetry
3. “Nuit” – Xeno & Oaklander
4. “The President is Gone” – John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
5. “Dans Mes Reves (Test Pressing)” – Desire
6. “One Night at the Raw Deal” 12? – Twisted Wires
7. “Ceremony (16 Track Demo)” – Chromatics Feat. Ida No On Lead Guitar
8. “Stars and Houses” (Feeling Without Touching 12?) – Glass Candy
9. “It’s More Fun To Compute (Symmetry Edit)” – Kraftwerk
10. “Home is in Your Head” – His Name Is Alive
11. “Alone in the Ring” – Bill Conti
12. “As We Could Ever” – His Name Is Alive
13. “Boy Girl” – Blonde Redhead
14. “Afraid” – Nico