Big K.R.I.T. Becomes Little K.R.I.T. in ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Video

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Big K.R.I.T.’s Live From the Underground is our 11th Best Hip-Hop Album of 2012 with good reason. As our own Brandon Soderberg explained, the Mississippi MC’s style is a “canny conflation of two, once-embattled rap undergrounds: dead-serious conscious rap bumping up against [the] wizened Dirty South.” The man born Justin Scott has offered one of the year’s most original voices in rhyme, and Underground highlight “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” goes a long way of demonstrating what he does so well. This tribute to a father who had more wisdom to spare than money is the perfect showcase for the sweet spot where K.R.I.T.’s sentimentality meets his streetwise side. The video takes a fairly literal tack: presenting a flip-book of our star’s younger years set against a no-frills Southern backdrop. K.R.I.T. contemplates the choices he made that led to his latter-day life successes while paying dap to the man who made it all possible. Check out the cameo of the O.G. “King Remembered in Time” in the clip’s last few seconds.


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