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Big Boi and Kid Cudi Claim ‘She Hates Me’ in New Collab

Big Boi Kid Cudi She Hates Me Vicious Lies Terrible Rumors

When your bowling league name is “Bitch Killer,” as Big Boi told SPIN last week, there’s a good chance that a lady or two in your life might wind up with a grudge at some point. So while the title of Sir Lucious Left Foot’s new song, “She Hates Me” isn’t exactly a surprise, Kid Cudi’s understated, rap-less performance is an unexpected gift to the somber track. Lolling drums and shimmery guitar back General Patton as he waxes sensitive on male-female relations: “Excuse me if I raise my voice, I won’t raise a hand / But one thing I will do, baby, is raise my lil’ man.” Meanwhile, Cudi, moonlighting as “Scott Mescuciano,” sings the broken-hearted chorus: “She hates me, I know it for sure / But I’ma make her love me.”

The new one hails from Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, due December 11. The guest-packed set has already delivered a handful of choice nuggets: the trappy “In the A” featuring Ludacris and T.I., the synth-popped “Lines” with Phantogram and A$AP Rocky, and sunny Kelly Rowland collab “Mama Told Me.”