Hear Bear Ceuse’s Super Fuzz-Pop Slacker-Rager ‘Dixie Bros.’

Bear Ceuse

New York City-via-Missouri’s Bear Ceuse might’ve gone the Bonny Bear route with their French-derived, weirdly tough-to-suss band name, but their sound is rooted in the fertile soil of indie rock before it was called indie rock. “Dixie Bros.,” from the band’s upcoming debut album Don Domestique (due out February 26 via Medical Records), is pogo-able jangle in a lineage that runs from Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker” to Japandroid’s “Wet Hair” —  shouts to Yuck’s “Holing Out,” too. What separates this fuzz-pop from the rest of the unremembered-’90s brosplosion is beguilingly detailed, tartly spat storytelling. Innocently strummy beginnings eventually give way to sulky insults befitting a heartland Rivers Cuomo: “You whore!” Pardon Bear Ceuse’s French.


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