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Beach Fossils Share Crunchy ‘Careless’ From New ‘Clash the Truth’ LP

Beach Fossils Careless Clash the Truth

Contrary to the hopes of no one, Clash the Truth will not be a full-length mashup LP combining the Southern-fried rhymes of Houston’s Trae the Truth and the knotty dub-punk of the Clash. Instead, that’s the name of the forthcoming sophomore album from shaggy Brooklyn dream-pop act Beach Fossils. Captured Tracks will release the new one on February 19. Ben Greenberg of the Men produces, and Blonde Redhead’s collab-happy singer Kazu Makino guests on a song called “In Vertigo.” But before you go poking around that track list, stream (and download if you wish) Clash the Truth‘s “Careless.” Much like SPIN’s February premiere, “Shallow,” which makes it onto the 2013 release, the fresh track adds a little extra grit to the band’s previously established easy-going drifters. With a picked up pace and downturned melodies, Beach Fossils sound more like a brighter-burning Cloud Nothings than a gravity-immune version of the Byrds. For more on the direction of the band’s second album, revisit our chat with Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur from earlier in the year.

Beach Fossils, Clash the Truth track list:
1. “Clash The Truth”
2. “Generational Synthetic”
3. “Sleep Apnea”
4. “Careless”
5. “Modern Holiday”
6. “Taking Off”
7. “Shallow”
8. “Burn You Down”
9. “Birthday”
10. “In Vertigo” (Feat. Kazu Makino)
11. “Brighter”
12. “Caustic Cross”
13. “Ascension”
14. “Crashed Out”