Autechre Ready Two-Hour, Double-Disc Album ‘Exai’

autechre, exai

Fans of glitchy, headfuck-y electronic music rejoice — and get strapped in for a long ride. English IDM duo Autechre will release their next album, the two-hour Exai, on March 5, 2013 via Warp Records. To make up for the three-year wait since 2010’s Oversteps, Autechre engineers Rob Brown and Sean Booth have gone totally Swans, recording a full two hours of new material, sliced into 17 different tracks and spread onto two CDs or four vinyl LPs. 

Fans can pre-order Exai on vinyl ($44.99) and CD ($15.99) now. Check out what is either a full track list or the publicist’s cat jumping on the keyboard.

Autechre’s Exai track list:

1. “FLeure” 
2. “irlite (get 0)” 
3. “prac-f” 
4. “jatevee C” 
5. “T ess xi” 
6. “vekoS” 
7. “Flep” 
8. “tuinorizn” 
9. “bladelores” 
10. “1 1 is” 
11. “nodezsh” 
12. “runrepik” 
13. “spl9” 
14. “cloudline” 
15. “deco Loc” 
16. “recks on” 
17. “YJY UX”


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