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Arcade Fire Debut New Songs in Impossibly Secretive Gig

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire might have pulled off a rare feat for a band of their size: performing new music and not having it leak online. As Consequence of Sound notes, fan Twitter account @ArcadeFireTube reports that the indie heavyweights debuted previously unreleased material in an unannounced show over the weekend in their hometown. And, at least as of this writing, no footage from the gig has surfaced publicly. The band that recorded “We Used to Wait” is making us wait.

Arcade Fire reportedly played at Montreal’s Breakglass Studio under the pseudonym Les Identiks. Based on ArcadeFireTube’s account, the new songs are “generally described as fun, dance-y, and groovy.” Some observers say the songs’ themes “are rooted in the mid-19th century and the African American history in the US,” according to another tweet. A longer song, described as seven-to-eight minutes, reportedly opened the show, while one song was slower and another was “punk rock-ish.”

A new Arcade Fire album probably isn’t on the way until late next year, or at least that’s what drummer Jeremy Gara told an Ottawa radio station several weeks ago. It’s unclear whether the secret set’s slower song might’ve been post-Suburbs track “Crucified Again,” which the band played early last month in New York City. Kudos to Arcade Fire for defying the Internet’s grim logic, but still, here’s hoping the good people behind Les Identiks are willing to share some music with their broader public soon.