Wallpaper. and George Clinton Trade Spacey Come-Ons in ‘Put Ur Attn on Me’

Wallpaper George Clinton Put Ur Attn on Me

Oakland pop usurper Wallpaper. has a few solid collabs under his rhinestone-studded belt — he and Danny Brown covered Adele, and he’s hooked up with Too $hort twice now — but in new song “Put Ur Attn on Me,” the Epic artist meets his maker: P-Funk legend George Clinton, a clear influence on the style, humor, and sound of Wallpaper.’s outsize frontman Ricky Reed.

“I was expecting to be nervous as shit around George Clinton,” Reed told SPIN. “The last thing I expected was for him to roll in and have the most super chilled-out, soothing presence. Within five minutes of being with him, I heard the words ‘Uncle George’ come out of my mouth. Right then, I knew we were gonna work out. That session marked a serious milestone for me.”

The new single is presented in typical GIF-inspired form — notably pared down from August’s reeling “Puke My Brains Out” clip — and finds the duo throwing spacey come-ons at an object of desire. Says Reed: “I’d just loop the track and run the tape on him and let him improvise. I watched him piece apart words and ideas and put them back together in kaleidoscopic ways.”

At the end, Clinton, always a font of lyrical mystery, says, “Hey Ricky, you got that doo-doo.” Reed explains: “He first said that when I was playing him some of my older funkier shit. He goes on to tell me he heard his grandkid say that, but about actual poo, and it stuck with him. I’m like, ‘George, I got a whole album called Doodoo Face [2009] and it was inspired by you.'”

SPIN first met Reed in Christopher R. Weingarten’s inspired April feature, “Why the Hell Did We Go to Coachella Weekend Two?” Wallpaper.’s major label debut is due out sometime next year.


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