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Watch Unstoppable Death Machines ‘Do the Devo’ in Incredible Animated Video

Unstoppable Death Machines Do the Devo Video

Brooklyn’s Unstoppable Death Machines have been earning their gnarly name in basements, warehouses, and galleries across the country since forming in 2008, but the Tucci brothers (Mike and Billy) have released precious little music to the masses thus far. For those unfamiliar, the duo bang out brutal, garage-y noise-punk using nothing more than bass and drums, but unlike their stylistic cousins in Lightning Bolt, UDM lace their heavy beat with sticky hooks and undeniable danceability. All of this can be heard quite clearly on “Do the Devo,” a compact ripper from the duo’s August LP, We Come in Peace, which now has an amazing animated video. Director Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor oversaw the extensive process behind the video, as explained to SPIN by Unstoppable Death Machine Mike Tucci:

“Nick filmed UDM performing the track in the main gallery space of Clocktower Gallery. He then made a cut and we printed out every frame. For Nick’s residency at the Clocktower, we made a giant light box table and invited friends to trace over the video frames as a reference, and draw in any style and medium. We did that for a few weeks — hand drawing every frame, including backgrounds. Probably over 100 friends contributed. With Nick, we then photographed every frame with the help of Tod Seelie, so we could take the stills and animate the video. The result is the most beautifully chaotic animated music video possibly ever created. I had such a good time hanging out, drawing, and working with so many inspiring people. I was actually surprised as to how much it all gelled. So many different styles and ideas came together almost seamlessly.”