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See The Very Best Perform Cozy, Acoustic ‘Kondaine’

the very best kondaine video seye acoustic

In his review of the Very Best’s SPIN Essential MTMTMK, Andy Beta explains that at this point, the Malawi-to-London electro-acoustic dance dudes “are beacons of global pop, which in 2012 means heading directly to the club.” That may be true of the giddy, Europop-fueled album version of “Kondaine,” which features British youngster Seye. But in this new video, the Very Best deliver the kind of intimate, raw performance you’d want to take in, say, while camping in the woods. In fact, they deliver this rendition amongst the trees in San Diego’s Balboa Park while a Super 8 camera whirrs quietly in front of them. To call this clip warm — its sound, its visuals, its vibes — would be an understatement. Cozy is more like it, and about as far away from the club as you can get. This version of “Kondaine” comes courtesy of Invisible Children, a group that aids the victims of Joseph Kony’s army in Central Africa. The Very Best will be performing at the organization’s November 17 MOVE:DC event in Washington, D.C., which will include a summit, a march and, fear not, a giant dance party.