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The Rolling Stones Deliver the Swaggering ‘One More Shot’

Rolling Stones One More Shot Stream

The Rolling Stones have taken a firm stance against laurel-resting in 2012, the year of the iconic rock and rollers’ 50th anniversary. In addition to the upcoming Crossfire Hurricane biopic and the commemorative arena concerts, and as part of the career-spanning music anthology GRRR!, they’ve been releasing their first new music since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. First there was the bluesy “Doom and Gloom” and now we have “One More Shot,” a classic-Stones rocker featuring Mick Jagger swagger-groveling to a presumably apathetic lover or maybe even a fan. Whoever it is, they’d be foolish to turn away from those infectious na-na-nas and that roiling guitar once they hit. Looking good, old timers, looking good.