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Watch Sean Lennon-Deerhoof Offshoot Mystical Weapons’ Resplendent ‘Mechanical Mammoth’ Video

Sean Lennon may have some kind of obsession with prehistoric beasts: besides his band Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, he has a new song out called “Mechanical Mammoths” with his other outfit, Mystical Weapons. Lennon and Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier formed the instrumental psych duo after meeting at a Plastic Ono Band show, which precipitated Saunier and Lennon improvising as an opener for Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger in San Francisco. The collaboration went so well that Lennon invited Saunier to record in his studio in upstate New York and a whole self-titled album emerged from it, which will be unleashed January 15 via Chimera.

According to Rolling Stone, the dissonant honks and squeaks of “Mechanical Mammoths” were the result of Lennon’s compulsive twiddling with the knobs and dials of an “antique monstrosity” of a synthesizer. Video director Martha Colburn, who works with Deerhoof’s art and visuals and acts as Mystical Weapons’ third unofficial member, interprets those jarring effects by shooting like an early stop-motion film. Masked girls stretch their shirts and wave disco balls in their voluminous petticoats and lace against a backdrop of psychedelic colors. Watch it below and be sure to check out WBAI Radio’s commissioned anti-fracking film, which also uses “Mechanical Mammoths” as a soundtrack.