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See Rage Against the Machine ‘Take the Power Back’ in 1993

Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine Take the Power Back Live Video

Last month we broke down the upcoming Rage Against the Machine box set, which comes not only just in time for the holidays — capitalism:1; RATM: 2,673 — but on the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles rap-metal band’s breakthrough debut album, Rage Against the Machine. On November 27, that classic 1992 platter will be served to us in remastered form with sides of live bonus tracks, audio demos, and live footage on DVD.

Thanks to that last bit, we can now see a very young RATM positively trash their early fan favorite, the Public Enemy-channeling “Take the Power Back.” In the 1993 Chicago clip, a shirtless Tom Morello stalks the stage blasting far-out guitar skronk while Zack de la Rocha bounds around, full of energy as he whips the Vic Theatre’s crowd into a fury. “Come on! Take it back, y’all!” he growls toward the end. Indeed, that’s what we came here to do.

As previously noted, a deluxe version of the box will include and extra DVD with footage of Rage’s 2010 London show, which came about after fans initiated an online movement to make “Killing in the Name” a No. 1 song on the U.K. charts. Now that’s power.