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Listen to Peaking Lights’ Tantric Trance Remix of Clinic’s ‘Miss You’

Peaking Lights

Masked Liverpudlian art-rockers Clinic have met their psychedelic spirit animal in West Coast husband-and-wife duo Peaking Lights, who recently remixed “Miss You,” the first single off the U.K. outfit’s seventh album, Free Reign (out yesterday via Domino). Like any good dub version, Peaking Lights stretch the Daniel Lopatin-produced track to twice its original length, pulling the original’s slowly spinning beats even further apart from each other. The students almost become the master on this one as the woozy guitars recede into the distance, replaced by an entrancing, even Tantric tribal beat and distorted fun-house vocals. Take a listen below and check out the original (and its incidentally bizarre video) for comparison’s sake here