Of Montreal Share ‘Propaganda’ Rarity from ‘Song Dynasties’ Doc

of montreal propaganda song dynasties documentary

There are only a handful of contemporary bands you could truly count on to make a full-length documentary worth your viewing while. Of Montreal could do that with tour footage alone, as evidenced by the Kickstarter campaign trailer for the in-progress film about the colorful crew, Song Dynasties. With 21 days to go, the movie’s creators are more than half of the way to their $75,000 goal, and they’re offering some serious gems to generous fans. Chief among those is Young Froth/Taypiss, a 14-track limited vinyl LP that includes early of Montreal demos handpicked by main man Kevin Barnes. One of those, an intimate and shaggy mourner called “Propaganda,” is available to hear now, right here:

Song Dynasties will combine footage spanning all 16 years of of Montreal’s career thus far. While filmmakers Craig Zobel and Jason Miller started their work with the band in 2007 at a Los Angeles show for Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, they continued on with the band through subsequent tours and festival performances, and eventually found a box full of camcorder tapes that date all the way back to 1996. They’ve amassed hundreds of hours of material, and are now looking for a fiscal bump to help them finish the job, which includes follow-up interviews, payment of venue filming fees, digitizing services for the vintage stuff, and what’s sure to be a massive editing job. Get a feel for the project below.


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