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Of Montreal’s Grungy ‘Dumb Acre’ Rarity Calls for Happiness and Love

Of Montreal Dumb Acre Song Dynasties Rarity

It’s a little early for a spring cleaning, but Athens psychonauts Of Montreal have been emptying their song coffers of late. Last month they released a 17-song rarities set called Daughter of Cloud — which spawned at least one particularly erotic game of touch football — but a second compilation is on the way for supporters of the band’s Kickstarter-backed documentary, Song Dynasties. As previously reported, fans who pledge $35 or more will get their hands on Young Froth/Taypiss, a 14-track vinyl LP that will be limited to the number of people who pay for it.

A week ago, we heard the shaggy, mournful “Propaganda” demo, and now we’ve got one more to pore over called “Dumb Acre.” It’s a rare glimpse into a very raw-sounding iteration of the band — no keyboards, no costumes (you can definitely hear ’em on Paralytic Stalks), no treacly melodies in stark contrast to the debauched themes — probably dating back to the mid-’90s. Jangly sun-dappled indie rock meets overtones of downcast grunge while Kevin Barnes sings about his complex relationship with “happiness and love.” The Song Dynasties Kickstarter campaign has 14 days left and is still shy a good $25,000. Don’t be a rejector.