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Watch Mother Mother’s Creepy, Chad VanGaalen-Animated ‘The Sticks’

Canadian singer-songwriter takes on the Vancouver outfit's new video

Vancouver punks Mother Mother have teamed up with fellow Canadian songwriter-songwriter Chad VanGaalen for a drippy, trippy video to accompany their song “The Sticks” off their LP of the same name, due February 12 in the U.S. VanGaalen’s signature animated work, which extends to many of his own music videos, is a creepy one, and he spares no skin-crawling detail on “The Sticks.” Amorphous, tentacled creatures crawl through a post-apocalyptic landscape, drinking our instant coffee and running on our cobwebbed treadmills. It’s the perfect visual accompaniment to Molly Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin’s eerie la-di-da’s and the song’s hollow drumbeats like the inexorable march toward nuclear warfare. Watch for yourself above, but be warned that those images of cockroaches will stick with you the next time you go to the gym.