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Moonface Head for the Lighthouse ‘Door’ in Stirring Time-Lapse Video

Moonface Siinai Headed for the Door Video

Former Wolf Parade member Spencer Krug has busied himself with all manner of fringe-leaning projects in the past few years, but none has held our ears so captive as his latest Moonface LP, the SPIN Essential’d With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery. David Bevan described the breakup album as “a headlong, electric leap into a pit of despair so black and bottomless as to be indefinable, like the ocean floor.”

The new video for eight-minute dirge “Headed for the Door” doesn’t do much to brighten up that description. Of course, we don’t mind. The Marsha Balaeva-directed clip combines gorgeously stark black-and-white photography of a seaside town with clutch animated bits, making for a magic-infused time-lapse piece celebrating the illuminating qualities of lighthouses and literature. The song is long, yes, but no more or less than it needs to be — “Headed for the Door,” as Bevan noted, “juices up its bloody scenes of lovers’ quarrels with swell after world-beating swell” thanks to the titular Helsinki-based progists who back Moonface throughout Heartbreaking Bravery. “I really respect Siinai’s patience,” Krug told SPIN in June. “They get into a groove they like and they’ll go for 20 minutes sometimes. A hypnotic effect happens that I really like. It’s really lush sounding and beautiful.” And it’s well matched by the visuals above.

Dive in, and then revisit the grief-fueled clip for “Faraway Lightning” and the bone-chiller that is the video for “Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips.”