Watch Le1f and Boody Baptize Video Extras in ‘Soda’

le1f boody soda video mentos explosion

Although New York’s Le1f is a relative newcomer to the rap scene, his music video game has been on point since day one. When we first met him back in July, on the occasion of his “Most Slept On” Dark York mixtape, dude was rhyming while giving a lap dance to a bodybuilder in a Pikachu mask. It’s not the kind of image you quickly forget, and the new clip for “Soda” is filled with such frames. The track is a collaboration with producer Boody and can be found on the pair’s freshly released Liquid EP, a seven-song set that explores the outer reaches of glitch-damaged rap beats and bleak robo-dance. “Wut” director Sam Jones returns for the “Soda” video, in which Le1f and Boody each launch their new product line — soda pop and a Mentos-like candy, respectively — which interact with one another in explosive ways. Men and women alike get anointed by the fizzy gush, in between clips of our host doing incredible dances in fantastical outfits. Enjoy the Le1f side of life up top.


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