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Lady Gaga Proves ‘Cake’ Rap Is Real With Unnecessary Terry Richardson Video


In September, Lady Gaga confused a whole lot of folks when she initiated an elaborate ruse to release a ridiculous trap-rap track we dubbed “Cake Like Gaga.” With help from her DJ White Shadow and makeup artist Tara Savelo, Mother Monster made it appear as if the song was a fan submission and not, in fact, a pitch-warped recording of her rapping about swag, diamonds, and AKs over tinny drums and sampled dog barks.

Well, if there was any doubt left about who actually authored the thing, Lady Gaga has laid that to rest. As Idolator notes, she performed the song at her recent Rio de Janeiro show (watch her get genuinely ratchet in a shaky fan-filmed clip) and today Stefani Germonotta herself got on Twitter to share a 15-second preview for “Cake” (as the song seems to be named) video directed my raunch master general Terry Richardson. (UPDATE: Second teaser added below!)

The only description accompanying the clip on YouTube: “We had a blast in Sao P.” Apparently so. Gaga practices her booty twerk in a dark room while three women “interact” in a dingy looking bathtub (“very good for making gifs” she wrote on Twitter). According to MTV, the pop star’s traveling circus is getting a makeover, courtesy of Versace, before the Born This Way Ball bounces back to North America in January.